PMTA Code of Ethics

We abide by the TMTA Code of Ethics

  1. Members shall maintain the highest standards of moral and professional conduct.
  2. Members shall maintain and strive to increase the prestige of the art of teaching and shall promote the teaching of music as a culturally enriching profession.
  3. Members shall refrain from making false or exaggerated claims or misleading statements concerning their teaching qualifications. Advertising copy shall be dignified and strictly truthful. It is unethical and unprofessional to advertise in a manner that might deceive or mislead prospective students. It is unethical and unprofessional for a teacher, by misleading statements or false promises, to induce a student to study in the hope of a musical career if the talent does not warrant it.
  4. It is unethical to criticize adversely the work of a fellow teacher or to proselytize the pupil of another teacher by inducements or other acts.
  5. Members shall provide professional assistance to one another when such assistance is requested.
  6. The relationship between teacher and student shall be established, maintained, and terminated in an appropriate, professional manner.
  7. Members shall strive to encourage, guide, and develop the musical potential of each student.     Members shall encourage pupils to participate in musical activities in the community.