PMTA Standing Rules

  1. Each member is expected to contribute his/her share of the work necessary to plan and implement the activities of the of the Association by accepting responsibilities, chairing events, supporting the organization with attendance at meetings, and participating in its activities.
  2. No photocopies of music may be used at any event with the exception of out-of-print music for which permission to copy has been obtained from the copyright holder.
  3. All monetary transactions shall be conducted by check only. No cash shall be used for any transaction. A formal check request must be turned into the Treasurer before any check is written. Fees for any event are non-refundable.
  4. Members shall familiarize their students and students’ parents with the Association’s “Performance Guidelines” and insure compliance with them to the best of their ability.
  5. All music performed by students at Association recitals must be memorized, with the exception of duets. Teachers may not play, as duets, accompaniments to pieces intended to be played as solos.       No piece or combination of pieces performed by a student in an Association recital or musicale may exceed 5 (five) minutes in performance time. Unless otherwise specified on an event’s yearbook page, a student may play one or two pieces as long as their combined length does not exceed the 5-minute time limit.
  6. Meetings of the Association shall be on the 2nd Tuesday of each of the months of September, November, February, and April at 10:00 a.m.
  7. Members of the Association are required to attend at least 3 out of 4 general meetings each year. A member may be exempted from this rule at the discretion of the Board. To apply for exemption, the teacher must submit a written explanation in the form of a letter to the board, explaining the reasons why that teacher is unable to attend meetings. It must be understood that if the board grants an exemption, the teacher will be assigned other duties through the year to fulfill the participation requirement. If two meetings are missed, the VP of membership will contact the member and request that a letter of email be sent to the Board outlining the reason for the absence. The Board may, at it’s discretion, assign “inactive” status to the member.
  8. Any student who enters the Composition Contest and receives a Superior or Excellent rating at the local level will be allowed to perform in the Winter Musicale at no charge to fulfill a TMTA requirement.
  9. Non-members entering students in PMTA events are required to pay a $100 fee per activity, and student fees are doubled for their students.