PMTA Fall Extravaganza

Co-Chairs: Phyllis Carr and Cindy Mills

Purpose: The PMTA Fall Extravaganza is a performance opportunity with 3 levels of adjudication:

** Choice Circle is a performance opportunity for the students with no adjudication.

** Critic’s Circle is an event where students compete against a standard of excellence.Students will perform for an adjudicator and will be judged on their ability to represent musically what the composer has indicated in the composition. The process is designed to elevate the student’s level of artistry, including polish, performance style, accuracy, interpretation and other musical qualities. Students will not be judged against one another.

 ** Talent Circle allows students to perform on an instrument other than piano.


November 14, 2015
Deadline: October 14, 2015


There are morning and afternoon recitals. Students in all events will be performing in each recital. Each recital will have a balance of student levels. Times will be determined after the entries are received. You may request morning or afternoon.


We will be in the West Wing of the newest building at Sagemont Church.  The room number is 1113.


Choice Circle:
Students will play one or two pieces of their choice. We request no arrangements or pieces from method books. All pieces must be memorized.

Critic’s Circle:
• Students will play two pieces. The first piece must come from the Keith Snell Piano Repertoire series. The publisher is Kjos. Student’s level this year will be determined by the selection of a piece from this series.
• The second “free choice” piece can be any selection providing it is at the same level or higher.
• Original music must be presented to the judge.
• No photocopied music will be allowed.
• All selections must be from memory.
• Students may stay in same level for two years.
• Participating teachers will receive a spreadsheet of students’ levels.

Talent Circle:
Students may play one piece. The student is responsible for providing his/her own accompanist if needed.

Teachers only: Registration


Concert dress. Girls: nice dress or skirt/blouse and dressy flat shoes. No strapless or spaghetti straps. No nail polish. Boys: suit and tie or dress shirt and tie, dress pants and dress shoes. Sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops or backless shoes are not allowed.


• Each student must provide their original sheet music with measures numbered for the judge. Choice Circle students do not need to bring music. All pieces must be memorized.
• No photocopies will be allowed.
• Time limit is 8 minutes per student. If a student’s repertoire exceeds the time limit, they will be
stopped. This will not affect their score.
• Judges’ decisions are final.
• Performances are open to the public. Parents, friends and family members are welcome to attend. We encourage you to listen. Each performance session will last about 45 minutes.
• No one will be allowed to enter or exit the performance for any reason during a performance session. There will be scheduled breaks where you may enter/exit quietly. Students must stay for their entire scheduled session.
• No flash photography until after a performer has finished playing.
• All cell phones should be off or on silent. No use of phones during a recital is allowed.
• No food, drinks or smoking in the performance room.
• Please instruct children in appropriate concert behavior.


Critic’s Circle:

• Students in this event will receive a written critique from the adjudicator.
• Ratings will be awarded from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest). Students receiving the rating of a 1+ or 1 will be awarded a medal. Students receiving a rating of a 2 will be awarded a ribbon.
• Any student receiving the rating of 1+, 1, or 1- for four years (not necessarily consecutive) will be awarded a trophy.

Choice Circle and Talent Circle:

• Students in these events will receive a ribbon.