PMTA Spring Festival

Details not yet finalized.

Estimates Deadline:
Entry Deadline:

This is a piano solo event. It will be an open, adjudicated festival, meaning an audience will be present. They will play in recital groups, each recital lasting approximately one hour. Teachers have the option of not having their students judged, in whole or in part. Each judged student will receive a rating, a ribbon reflecting his/her rating, and the judge’s comments.   Each student will play one or two pieces from memory, and the total performance time may not exceed 5 minutes. Repeats may be taken if time allows. Pieces selected should reflect the student’s age and ability level. Pieces must be at least 16 measures in length and be notated on the staff. Please do not use pieces from methods lesson books, arrangements, or transcriptions (other than those such as the piano transcriptions of Liszt and similar works).

A published score must be provided for the judge, with all the measures numbered; under no circumstances will the use of photocopies be allowed. Please make sure the student’s name is on his/her music so that it can be returned. Music will be returned at the end of each recital before the students/audience are dismissed. All decisions and ratings by the judges are final. Once received by the Chair, fees are not refundable.

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