TMTA Student Affiliate Theory Test – Fall

Chair: Alyssa Finch

Date: Saturday, November 14, 2020

Place: HEP Bookstore, 11665 Fuqua St., Ste. A-100, Houston, TX 77034

Please consult the TMTA Handbook for rules regarding eligibility and required testing levels. Remember, students who plan to participate in any state event at convention, must be a member of Student Affiliate.

To enroll students, teachers must complete the following by the deadlines given on the indicated web page:

(1) Register students as Student Affiliates. See TMTA Student Affiliate Membership.

Students MUST BE a member of Student Affiliate to participate.

(2) Complete enrollment form HERE.

ENROLLMENT DEADLINE –  October 12, 2020

Any student who participates in theory testing prior to enrolling as an SA member will be assessed an additional $15 processing fee; and the teacher will be assessed a $50 fine. No score or record of participation will be entered in state records until dues have been received. A late fee of $30 must also be sent.