Guidelines for Event Chairs

  • Dates for events should be set as close as possible to the date for the same event in last year’s yearbook. THE FEE MAY NOT BE RAISED UNLESS APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
  • Event dates stay constant after being set in May.
  • Event format details are to be set in May.
  • Any changes need to be brought before the Board and emailed to members.
  • Submit all information concerning your event to the yearbook chair by June 30. Try to follow last year’s format as closely as possible.
  • Professional quality printed programs should be provided for all performance events. A rule of thumb for estimating the number of programs needed is to multiply the number of performers by 3.
  • For questions concerning an event, consult last year’s yearbook, last year’s chair, or the president.
  • It is the responsibility of the chair to arrange for a co-chair or committee if needed.
  • If ordering ribbons or other awards and mementos for the event, only order enough to cover this one event. Do not order in bulk to cover subsequent years, since events and awards are subject to change from year to year.
  • One program for each event should be submitted to the historian. Two programs must be submitted to the president for forwarding to the assistant executive director of MTNA by June 30 of each year. Bring any extra programs to the next meeting for sharing with other members.
  • Please submit a completed event report and analysis form to the president immediately following your event. (See form in back of yearbook.)
  • Make every effort to limit the total length of the recital to one hour.
  • At any performance event, chairs of recitals should begin applauding to encourage the audience to applaud as each student approaches the piano and bows before playing.
  • Take a photo, or have someone take a photo, of the event to give to the historian, publicity chair, and website administrator for posting.  Have every participant’s parent sign the photo release form for that event.  (See forms in yearbook–one for students performing and one for member-teachers.)


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