TMTA Original Composition Contest

This activity is open to any student of any age who is interested in composing.


  • It is best to get your inspiration of a melody, then write it on manuscript paper – add some accompaniment.
  • Decide on the style and use different rhythms, variations, etc – just be creative!
  • Go to the computer and use software such as Finale and Sibelius to finish.

Local Deadline
December 15, 2015       State Deadline January 14, 2016

Solo Grades 1-12 Fee – $15       Other $20

1. Entries may be composed for any medium.
2.  A student may enter only one composition in a given division.
3. Compositions entered previously may not be re-entered.
4.Compositions may be in one or more movements, but the performance time for an entire work must not exceed ten minutes.

1. All students must enrolled in Student Affiliate, take and pass the appropriate theory test .They may take either the Fall or Spring test.
2. Post -12 does not have to take the theory test. See handbook for more information.
3. Compositions must be judged locally. The Excellents and Superiors are sent to TMTA for further judging, and winners are chosen in each division. There are also cash awards from TMTA for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for each division. These winners are invited to play on a program at the convention. Students may edit their compositions, using the critiques given by the local judge before sending them to the state contest.

CONTEST DIVISIONS S -Solo   E- Ensemble   L-more than 10 voices

Division S1 Grades 1-3                  Division E 1-4 Grades 1-4
Division S4 Grade 4                       Division E 5-8 Grades 5-8
Division S5 Grade 5                       Division E9-12 Grades 9-12
Division S6-7 Grades 6-7              Division L 1-12 Grades 1-12
Division S8-9 Grades 8-9              Division LP-12 Post – 12
Division S10-12 Grades 10-12
Division SP l2 Post 12

For further information read in the TMTA Handbook.